Customer Testimonials

We installed the new floating pool complex in Gibraltar with the help of the Nemo drill. It was used to insert literally thousands of screws and drill holes in both metal and wood. Without the Nemo drill, our job would have been a much more daunting task.

Marinetek Ltd.

The Nemo V2 Divers Edition drill has earned a permanent spot in our dive equipment inventory. This is not a toy. It’s a rugged, well-designed and well-built tool that has increased our efficiency and ability to do certain tasks that in the past required a pallet of hydraulic and/or pneumatic equipment.

Capt. David Wilson
The Dive Guys Underwater Services
Corpus Christi, TX, USA

I am a swimming pool renovation and service contractor. I’ve been using the Nemo for about a year now and love it. It allows me to have all the benefits of cordless drill but without having to drain the pool. It works great as a driver for installing sealing rings and trim for vinyl liners and as a drill for repairs to plastic fittings. The Nemo has saved my customers and myself a lot of time and money not having to drain pools and helps me produce high quality liner installs by being able to drill/screw under the waterline.

Matt Mainard
Elite Pool Service
Blue Springs, Missouri, USA


As a marine biologist setting up field experiments is a big part of my job. After drilling over 150 holes in the ocean floor over the past year (3- 7m depth) with several brands of pneumatic drills, I was very much in love with this Nemo underwater drill. Most importantly, I was surprised by its powerful performance on the very hard rocky bottoms. And the easier sandstone was even less of a problem, with the 7mm drill bits smoothly cutting through the rock. My personal record of number of holes per dive was easily broken; with double the average amount of holes we normally get done per dive. And for the first time the air of the divers was finished before the drill ran out of power, which has always been a big issue while using the pneumatic drill. With this drill the battery was still not empty when finishing the dive (which lasted over 95 minutes for the drilling of 14 holes plus some assembly work for the experimental setup). Moreover, it was great that it made access and exit to the field site so much easier. It was very little trouble to carry this light and compact drill ourselves. Also, it saved us a lot of time and effort filling and transporting the air tanks and other gear needed for the pneumatic drills. The drill was very easy to use as well. Having this drill makes fieldwork a lot more efficient for me, making it possible to have the work done in much less time and with much less trouble and effort. I wish I had the Nemo underwater drill one a year ago.

Sofietje E. Voerman
PhD Candidate
University of Technology
Sydney, Australia