Nemo Divers Drill used at 107m under sea to map ancient artifacts

Nemo Commercial Diving Floodlight


Unboxing Nemo Power Tools Max Planck 6000 Flood light

Professional under water videography setup


Max Planck 6000 & Nemo High-Powered Dive Light

Grinder Hammer 

Commercial diving company cleaning an area of weld to undertake testing – 50M deep

Nemo’s quality engineering and production
means tough, reliable tools

Making a real impact – the Nemo Impact Wrench in use

The Nemo Hammer Drill has arrived! Take a look

Nemo tools can be used above, around or under the water

“One million screws in Gibraltar”:
Re-installing a salt-water pool mesh

Official Nemo representative in England, Paul Webb of Fairlocks, introduces new Nemo tools

Nemo drill with wheel brush cleaning barnacles off a mooring chain

Researcher takes mini-cores (3/4” wide – 3” deep) from Porites corals using V2 Divers Edition

Nemo drill and drill brush cleaning a boat’s waterline

Nemo V2 Drill

One of our first cutting tests with the Nemo grinder

Braving the cold, murky waters of Monterey Bay to test our grinder

Testing the Nemo V2 Divers Edition drill in wood and concrete

12-inch screws? No problem for the Nemo drill

Nemo Impact Wrench in use – Unscrewing bolts

Showcasing our Nemo V2 Drills

Nemo Angle Grinder in Action! Cutting a thick mooring chain

Nemo Divers Drill used at 107m under sea to map ancient artifacts

Nemo is the world’s 1st Electric Waterproof Drill.

Easy to carry and manoeuvre, Nemo Tools work just like the drill hanging in your garage. No need for tubes, connectors, or any other equipment. Nemo is cordless.